Two channel Fold-down of Aria 51 upmix

Aria 20 is a stereo fold-down of the upconverted 5.1 signal generated via the Aria 51 algorithm. It is intended for headphone listening only. The surround signals are subjected to smoothed HRTF filters to simulate the effect of the sound coming from behind the listening position.

What's the difference between Head Space and Aria 20?

The Head Space algorithm generates an entirely synthetic binaural effect from a stereo input file and it uses a digital reverberator to do this. Aria 20, on the other hand, derives greater ambience information entirely from the original left and right signals. Classical music recordings often benefit from the Aria 20 effect when listened to on headphones (better than the Head Space algorithm which is more suited to rock, pop and jazz material). Also, the sound of female vocalists of a certain range can sound a little coloured with the Head Space algorithm. If this isn't desired, use Aria 20 instead for treating files for headphone listening.


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