Minimum System Requirements

Stereo Lab software has the following minimum system requirements:

The Stereo Lab app is only around 3MBytes and thereby requires only a tiny installation space. Stereo Lab is not "bloatware"!

Installing Stereo Lab on the Catalina OS

Some users have reported an issue when trying to install Stereo Lab on the Catalina macOS (10.15) launched in October 2019. This is the fix

With the Catalina update, there’s an additional safety requirement for apps that are from out of the store – they need to be notarized by Apple.

The default setting of the security and privacy preferences on Mac is to allow the installation and execution of apps that are from the store or ones that have verified developers and have been notarized by Apple. Those preferences can be optimized for even greater security by setting them to only allow apps from the Store.

Pspatial Audio is a verified developer, and we do the Apple notarisation step when cutting Stereo Lab releases, however, clearly the application is not downloaded from the App Store.

So, when problems are experienced, we suspect that you presently have the “even greater security” setting mentioned above.

To rectify this, you will need to open 'Preferences > Security & Privacy', and change the ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ setting to ‘App Store and identified developers’, as shown in the screen grab below. You will probably need to click on the padlock (bottom left) and enter administrator password to make this change.


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