Release Notes and Roadmap

Release notes

Features apply to all versions (Audiophile, Tonmeister, Home, Demo) unless otherwise stated

Version 1.0
Initial release of Stereo Sauce

Version 1.1
Enabled support for 24-bit files in Home version.
Added downward dynamic-range expansion for needle-drop recordings with Groove Sleuth preamplifier.

Version 1.2
Added support for quad-rates (176.4kHz/192kHz) in Audiophile, Tonmeister and Demo versions

Version 1.3
Adds Pop-Click Filter option for Phonograph Equalisations, selected via 'Preferences > Settings'
Adds stand-alone Pop-Click Filter - (Audiophile, Tonmeister)
Fixes application crash when analysing EBU R128 loudness metrics for long audio files - (Audiophile, Tonmeister)
Enables Dither option for Home version
Changes OS X deployment target to 10.10 - (OS X Yosemite was released on October 16, 2014, as a free update through the Mac App Store worldwide)
Fixes problems with slider controls on Mac OS 10.10.4

Version 2.0

Released Stereo Lab Phonograph version, for phonograph enthusiasts and record collectors
Added Modes into main GUI for grouping related enhancements

Allow cascading of enhancements
Added progress percentage into main GUI
Added new enhancements
Added Phono EQ Preferences with the following options...
Improvement to Needle-Scratch Removal option in Phono EQ Preferences
Added Hi-Res options to Settings Preferences tab

Version 3.0

Product renamed Stereo Lab

Features added:

Version 3.1.8

Features added:

Roadmap - planned enhancements in future versions


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